Our story,

The company ASCON Equipment BV. was founded in 1992 in the Netherlands by Ascon Dijkstra.

ASCON Equipment BV specializes in designing, producing, trading and servicing high quality stainless steel anchor winches and capstans.

We equip superyachts and mega yachts from 45 meters to 175 meters and have the most extensive range of anchor winches and capstans on the world market. For superyacht and mega yachts, our range is comprehensive and known for its superior technology and easiness of use. The anchor winches and capstans are known for its stylish design in thinness lightweight and stainless steel, where we are told it to be the jewel on your yacht.

We at ASCON Equipment BV value what our customers think, this is why we focus on the stylish design for our anchor winches and capstans. Next to this, we believe that our products should be easy to use, clean and are reliable, this is why our capstans are designed to be very safe and durable. With just one handle you can switch to either the capstan or anchor winch so you can let the anchor run freely. We service the deck equipment all over the world to fix any problems and recommend service steps to be followed by engineers on board. Our anchor winches and capstans are exported all over the world. But our focus now is the Netherlands and Germany, because of the biggest yacht jobs.

With almost 3 decades of experience in deck equipment, ASCON Equipment BV designed and developed a great range of anchor winches and capstans for super- and mega yachts that meet the requirements of our clients and classification societies.